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Go get them out

They are my people and they are in bondage to the devil

Go get them out, wherever your foot treads it is yours,

No door is too big for me to open, No vision too grand,

When I hold your hand,

Can you hear their cries?

Go get them out, meet there needs,

Behold I have sent many angle's before you.

My People are in prisons with no bars,

They have the right to be free,

But have believed the lies of the devil for years,

Go get them out, bring them to church,

You shall bring bus loads of people who,

Shall be saved, healed and delivered,

They shall have freedom,

When you go do not worry about the locks on the doors,

I will open every door, and if they are locked

Seek my face, I will answer anything you ask in my name

Bring hope, bring love bring me."


David T Gross #002 1997