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I stand back from His presence

I shudder at the things I have done

I run from my only Love

I hide from the precious Holy dove

He sends His presence

He forgives my sins

He runs to me

He knows where I am

I run and run till I can't stand no more

I fall and want to stay down

What is this all about?

I can not figure it out

Why so much doubt

No one sees where my heart has been

No one can tell its been torn

I am all worn out

Nothing can come out my mouth

My wounds are too deep for human hands

Only God can do the work

Yet it hurts so I run before He is done

I cry that no one hears

That no one see my tears

Yet I do not even see them no more

I have wounds so deep I forget they are there

So much pain I become numb

Is it dumb to hide the pain?

Will I still be human if I feel nothing?

Will I still be alive if I can't even cry?

Will you say a prayer for me?

David T Gross

January 17, 1999