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The deep hole

For a while I ran

As fast and hard as I could

Till one day I fell

As fast and hard as I could

I fell in a deep hole

I was trapped with no way out

I tried with all my might

But sunk deep into the night

And I questioned where is my God

And I screamed with no words

My heart shattered like glass

Could anyone hear me?

Could anyone help me?

Trapped in the silence of fright

I sunk away from the light

I lived in the deep hole for many years

The pain turned to numbness

The tears to a lake in witch to drown

Then when I was at my end

When I could go on no more

A hand reached down and pulled me out

The hand of God rescued me

Oh what gratitude and what an attitude I had

Why would God love me so much?

When I was so far from Him, He ran to me

He rapped His arms of Love around me

He's cleaning the mud off my life

He's wiping away the strife

He's given me the New Life

David 99