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Wounded Warrior

"Joshua" Gross Poems 4 1997

Wounded warrior 1

was wounded in the war was almost killed by the enemy

I was in prison for years and know the pain and I know Jesus set

me free and now He says "Go and sin no more" yet I still feel

the pain for, I am a wounded warrior, wanting to win, but

bleeding, wanting to see other set free yet blind to the wounds

afflicted on me.

Then my commander and chief sends an angel with a message

that Jesus loves me and that He sees my pain, that He wants

to heal me. That He wants to change me. What will I do? I want

to see the captives set free yet now I see the I am held back

by the pain, that numbed my heart .

OH JESUS , JESUS you pour in your healing power on me , you

bind up my wounds and you change my heart, you destroy my walls

that kept me in and others out . you say, "be strong and courageous

for I am with you" you use people who hear your voice who see

what you see, you see a mighty warrior , who has been hurt yet

is not dead. you hear a mighty war cry that has been muffled

by the enemy's screams. you say," Arise Joshua"

 allow me to heal you

you are my warrior and I am your rest and relaxation

I am your front and rear guard

I surround you in my mighty arms of Love

Be strong for I am with you