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Fire From above

The Churches have become lukewarm

The People complacent

We sit for our weekly hour unchanged, (but rested (from sleeping though the sermon J )

Holy Spirit Calls but our ears are dull

There are many hurting souls

Yet we put ourselves first and others last

We sing with a mighty blast of noise

To hide the screams of our sin ridden heart

We carry our burdens instead of others

Yet we can not even tarry for one hour in prayer

Souls have lost their value to us

Programs we use instead of prayer

We do not want to shake the boat or even grow

We have forgot that any day Jesus may return

Oh Lord change me I pray.


The Lords word to us….

" Fire from above will judge the Church

When you will not pray

How can I say I know you?

You have grieved Holy Spirit

Always wanting me to move in your way.

My Mercy is great

My Love never ends

My Judgment is fire

I am patient with my people my church

Today I call you to repentance

There should be no room for sin

In your life with me.

Turn from your evil ways

Cry out to me

For I will hear the cry of

Broken people….

If you insist in your evil ways

My fire will devour your works

Your sins will be exposed

Today is the day of salvation

For I have plans for you

I have not called you here to abandon you

Seek me" Seek the Lord…