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Help me

I run and run away from the light

My soul is full of fright

Sin has gripped my once free soul

I run and run and have my fun

The chains I broke off others

Have bound me down and I feel undone

Like Jonah on the boat, the storms come and go

So do I, the waves of pain and hurt flood my heart

I have caused so much pain.

To my first love, my God of hope

I have no strength to even cry

His voice calms my soul

His songs of hope fill and flow out my hands

When I am weak God is so strong

When I can not go on

He never gives up

I find myself in the belly of the wale

With only one word left ...HELP

I cry with all my being

I give all my pain and hurt and anger

To the one who truly cares

I know when I get where he wants me

I can use the hope I found

To help others.