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A poem that never ends

My life is like a poem that never ends,

It goes on and on like a bunny in a funny

Commercial,  what will be the end,

Two paths walked only one holds the truth.

Its so much easier to go down hill that to face

The mountain of pain, which I know I must face.

The mountain I try to climb under will crush me.


Work, sleep, party

God, peace, quiet


I shut down to calm the pain of Gods hand trying to heal

Trying to give life, because I wanted to see it, in just one person.

Not in just word, but in deed.

Dizzy, dizzy, spin around and around,

And around, dizzy, dizzy, broke and alone,

Been so hurt its hard to love, been so crushed its hard to

Live.  But I do. Just to be,

I wonder, where, what, how to be real.

Dizzy, dizzy, buzzed, confused, alone.

Where are all those friends who said they would stick like glue.

Why is there more fellowship in a bar then in a church.

This should not be.

Where are those walking the streets, calling the lost sheep home?

Jesus is calling to go Find the lost sheep and get them before its too late.

They are lost confused, dizzy with the things of this life,

Wanting to come home, but just not knowing the way.