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How can words explain this feeling?

I am at the end of my rope

And I have just let go

And now i am in desperate need of you Jesus

I see my weakness and I cry out to you

Jesus be my source of everything

Lord be my love

Lord be my best friend

Lord I place you first

Above "ministry"

Above all the stuff I do

Above my feelings

Above my desires

Above my life

Jesus touch my heart now

Dig up the places I never let you go to

Here am I, have your way in me

Bring release to me

I love you Jesus


Then the word came in a still small voice

I Love you

I am with you, and long to heal you

You are my child,

There are places in your life I want to work on

I am the God that heals

I want to be your best friend

I will never leave you or forsake you

For I see you in a way you have yet to see

And soon you will see too if you let me show you

When you are the weakest I am your strength

When you feel all alone I am with you

When you hurt I am ready to pour in the healing waters

When you are happy in me,

You gain strength,

When you are constantly around people

You miss the intimate time we could have

Get to know me and I will be all to you.

I will show you true love that can not be explained by words

But by me

I love you too