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My time with Jesus

(needs editing O.C.R messed up)

My time with my Jesus


some may think I spend too much time praying

but Lord when you are all one has

there is never enough time., to spend with you.

I love you rare than anything or anybody

You will never leave Ire like others do

You will always accept where I am at

Lord Jesus I Love You

l want to follow you on this Journey

I will not allow anything to hold me back except You

Lord I want to leave all and just go.

Lord tell me when

I wait for your lord to go

and the Lord replies in his sweet voice:

I love you more than life itself, my child

I died for you, so we could have a relationship

 so many times you feel you have to do stuff to please me

but you don' t I am pleased with you now

oh if you could grasp the Love I have f or you

I am the God of miracles

I love you so much more than you know

and I just what you need

You need to spend tine with me

for there is so much I have to teach you,

when love called you to

will it's a lonely one

but 1a. no to get your source of Love from rte

you have keen looking for Love my love in other people

and I can use Mple, and have to minister to you

but no is a se.asdxn to just s!:e.l'xl tine with Ire alone

the friGmam will understand if they are your true friends

That' s why I have let people go ('kl there thing

cause if they love me they auld seek rf.

I love you my precious child.