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So you want to buy my Chevy

(needs editing)

David T Gross

Poems 97 333

so you want to buy my Chevy 81 classic compressed

a rrrrrah tatatata....

thats the sound of my car

not wanting to be my car

my car is nice sometimes

but other times well,

A11 the windows will go down

but going up is another story

The wind sheild wipers go on (sometimes)

usually when its not raining and keep on going

there must be a clock coughs in my engine

cause when I press the gas, it ticks

my gas gage like to get to really fast

my speedometer on the other hand

will go to 25 and then if you don't

let off the gas it will stay there and make noises

The front tire scrapes against the frame

and the back door might not shut if you open it

The inside door light only goes on if you turn the lights on

The door locks, lock all but one door

The other door gets stuck opening


The air conditioner blows out hot air

and the heater blows out cold air

the brakes squeak and sometimes don't work

the thing that counts the mites

has gone round about 3 times

sometime when I shut off the car it doesn't go off

for about two seconds and then lets out a plbllllllpaah

my car is also a smoker


my cars stereo only playes my cd in the tape player

the antenna was broke and no stations come in

besides all this my car is a great car

some mistake it for a boat

but I like my boat

even though they don't make parking spaces for my car

and some person hit my right blinker is broken, bmkrh

my car ss ryouo sow ysjwck

is a ok G

do you want to buy it still?

well its not for sale I changed my mind.