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Deep in my heart

(needs editing)


Bxmo 1997 95

Deep in my heart behind all the stuff I do,

there is hurt, silence by time and need to survive

I go to arc fro, run run run, from my self are maple and even scxne-tirres

ax) arid then I am Left all alone, with no place to stay, no place to hide,

I reach the era of my row arc scream out to t:vlxj ''it curtsy '' and this

quietness haunts me, IX:GI of my self and (7:xl and no one kncxzks on my err


to see if I am in to just chat, arc I feel like crap are no one seems to

care. It' s like they stair right past me, like I am let even there. at one

prayer, and my heart dues rot dare to step out, cause it' s keen steps

on. again and again can mu help ne ?

IJCZJ please touch Ire' heart are heal me.