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about my poems

I use writing as an outlet to some of my feelings at that particular moment I wrote them.  So be for warned that there are spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes that I have not corrected from the originals.  Some of these poems I wrote when I was really depressed, some when I was angry, some when I was happy, and others when I was bored, but they are an incite as to who I was and who I am.  any question email me.

David T Gross


1994 Poems by David T Gross

  1. A butterfly
  2. A Friend of mine
  3. A quiet talk with God
  4. A tear from above
  5. As A flower
  6. Behind the clouds
  7. Blaa
  8. Blue Man
  9. Come out and socialize with us
  10. Daddy God
  11. Headache
  12. Jesus Stood across from me
  13. leaves
  14. Let go of my tong
  15. Look
  16. Lost in the crowd
  17. Out of frustration and anger
  18. Puddles
  19. Roller coasters
  20. Shadows
  21. so close to the threshold
  22. Sun is shining
  23. The empty seat
  24. The shadow in the crowd
  25. The window
  26. Unseen feelings

 1997 Poems By David T Gross

  1. Where do I call home?
  2. Liberty Go get them out
  3. Nothing
  4. His Voice
  5. Saying Goodbye
  6. Little Piece of sand
  7. Wounded Warrior
  8. French Fries
  9. The Price of following Jesus
  10. I don't Know what do you
  11. Stinky Shoes
  12. So what
  13. Stain Glass
  14. No turning Left No turning right
  15. When the walls fall
  16. Run
  17. Mercy
  18. Lord give me to words to say
  19. Your Strength
  20. The Mountain
  21. The Name of Jesus
  22. Snow
  23. Empty eyes
  24. Only You Lord
  25. Waiting for the rain
  26. Where is everyone
  27. How can words explain
  28. Does anyone care
  29. Some say I am too weak
  30. My time with Jesus
  31. Does love die?
  32. My little shell
  33. so you want to buy my car
  34. go tell them the good news
  35. Deep in my heart

 1999 Poems by David T Gross

  1. The dark light
  2. Where have you gone
  3. Lord I run to you

 2000 Poems by David T Gross

  1. Where am I?
  2. What's going on
  3. I stand back
  4. The deep hole
  5. Fire
  6. I want:
  7. Notice to the devil
  8. Fire From above
  9. Help me  

2001 Poems by David T Gross

  1. Razzmatazz
  2. Drunk
  3. Map in the river
  4. Poem that never ends
  5. Its easier to live